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See Your Lawn Undergo a Transformation with our Lawn Treatments in Warrington!

Lawn Treatments Warrington by LawnQuestDid you know that grass never actually stops growing. Granted, there is a reduction in the amount of daylight hours during the winter months and the ground and air temperatures are reduced which all slow down the grass plants growth, but even despite this the grass won’t stop growing completely. That’s why it is important that you care for your lawn throughout the year not just, as many think, in the summer months. Part of the care you give should include providing the grass with a wide range of lawn treatments in Warrington. This enables it to stay healthy, whatever the season.

However, if, time, knowledge and expertise are things you don’t have when it comes to looking after your lawn, let LawnQuest help. We can put together a tailormade package of lawn treatments in Warrington that’s suited to the needs of your lawn. It includes feeding your lawn at regular intervals throughout the year and using different lawn products to treat common grass diseases such as thatch, rust and mildew. Not every garden escapes the invasion of lawn pests either such as chafer grubs, or crane flies. Whatever problem you encounter, it is not always easy to know how to treat them. That’s when LawnQuest can help.

We usually start the process of treating your lawn by visiting your home to evaluate and assess the quality and health of the turf that your lawn consists of. There are many types of grass but with our years of experience we can easily identify the type of grass as well as the type of soil.

We are also quick to identify any problems your lawn may be experiencing. While some are obvious such as moss or thatch, others may be as a result of more hidden problems such as a deficiency in the soil. Once we have ascertained the needs of your lawn, we will then recommend a course of lawn treatments in Warrington for application throughout the year. This will involve visiting your home at regular intervals at a time convenient to you.

Treat your Lawn to a Lawn Feed

More and more people are taking health supplements to give them the additional vitamins and minerals that might be missing from their diet. It’s exactly the same for your lawn, it needs to be given regular doses of lawn feed to ensure that it is getting the right amount of nutrients in order to maintain its health.

Just as there may be a range of health supplements available, and it’s difficult to know what to pick, not all lawn feed may match the requirements of the grass. However, at LawnQuest we keep up to date with the latest developments in lawn feed and are aware of which products are the best to use. This makes us well placed to choose one that is right for your lawn. What we choose to use on one lawn may be different to another lawn. That’s because no two are the same. Soil type and grass can vary as well as conditions as some lawns get a lot of light and some more shade which can affect grass growth. We take all of these factors into consideration when deciding how to treat your lawn as well as when the optimum time is.

Moss Free Lawns with Moss Treatment in Warrington!

Do you find that you are constantly contending with moss appearing in your garden. Don’t get disheartened, even the most experienced gardeners can encounter moss from time to time. The problem is that the conditions that moss thrives in are prevalent the UK, especially during the autumn and winter with the wet, damp climate. While moss can be treated and killed off, which is something we can help with at LawnQuest with our moss treatment in Warrington, it is also important to try and minimise the cause.

Now we are not saying that at LawnQuest as part of our moss treatment in Warrington we can control or change the weather, but we can ensure that the soil in your garden has good drainage. This will thwart the growth of moss while encourage the grass to grow strong. Aeration is one technique we can use which involves putting spikes into the soil to create holes which improves drainage.

To treat existing moss, an essential part of it is raking the lawn with either a rake or a lawn scarifier to remove as much moss as possible. It is best to do this before the moss produces spores which is generally in Spring. The remaining moss will then be thin enough for the moss killer that is next applied to penetrate through. Using the right chemicals, you should start to see a difference in as little as four weeks! It is important to note that the products we use as part of our moss treatment in Warrington are safe around children and pets.

Once the lawn has been cleared of all moss, we will ensure going forward that the soil and lawn is treated and cared for in order to limit the potential regrowth of moss. If you look after your lawn the grass will take care of itself.

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