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Lawn Treatments in Seacombe and Wallasey Village

Lawn Treatments Seacombe and Wallasey Village by LawnQuestWhen Covid 19 kept us all at home, spending time in our gardens was one of the few things that made the pandemic a little easier to deal with. Because of this experience many of us now have a renewed appreciation for being outside and close to nature. However, spending more time in your garden makes you more aware of weeds that are poking through your lawn or bare patches where the grass has died. While we may have had more time to look after and gardens and lawns, now things are returning back to some kind of normality, many of us haven’t get the same amount of time to spend in the garden and address some of the problems that might have arisen. That’s when LawnQuest can help with our lawn treatments in Seacombe and Wallasey village.

The first part of the process is to visit you at your home to evaluate the health of the grass. This includes assessing the composition of the soil, grass species within the lawn, the amount of sunlight and shade your lawn gets, as well as how much use it gets especially in the summer which is when most of us spend more time in the garden. Having gathered these facts we will then put together a bespoke plan of lawn treatments in Seacombe and Wallasey village that match the specific needs of your lawn.

Our lawn treatments in Seacombe and Wallasey village combine treatments specific to the needs of your lawn as well as more general seasonal lawn treatments. We can also adapt our treatments depending on any changes to the weather. For example, a regular programme of lawn care and lawn maintenance will help lawns resist drought which is becoming a more prevalent problem.

For a Lush Lawn Give Your Grass Lawn Feed

Many people ask, how many times should my lawn be treated during the year? The response you get will depend on several different factors including the current condition of the lawn, the composition of the soil, the microclimate, and your mowing regime, for example close mown lawns need more treatment than slightly longer grass.

We recognise that it is also important to make decisions based on our local knowledge and experience as the local weather and environment can have an impact on how much lawn feed we apply, when we apply it and what we use. However, on average 5 applications of lawn feed are ideal for most lawns.

As the soil starts to warm up in the spring, LawnQuest would generally recommend a slow-release fertilizer. This has all the nutrients and minerals in it to help the grass recover after the winter. Using a slow-release fertilizer has two main benefits. Firstly, being slow release ensures the nutrients won’t all get washed away when there is a heavy downpour. As plants grow faster in the spring the fertilizer we apply to the lawn is also absorbed quicker getting drawn into the roots of the plants fast.

We would always recommend a follow up treatment of lawn feed in the early and late summer in order to get the grass growing healthy. It is important to keep the levels of soil nutrients topped up because May – July is when the grass is working hardest as it is getting the most use. Keeping the grass strong will also in turn keep the weeds at bay. However, if your lawn is affected by weeds, we can treat it with a herbicide. We can apply two treatments one 6-8 weeks after the first.

While the weather starts to cool at the end of summer and we spend more time indoors, grass growth is not slowing down. The roots know winter is on the way and so are keen to have one final push to grow as much as they can to ensure they can withstand the winter frosts. As a result, we would recommend a late summer lawn feed to make sure the plants are at their best to resist diseases which are more prevalent in the autumn.

Finally, a winter lawn feed which contains iron will help the grass to maintain good health making it able fight off moss.

Addressing the Common Causes of Moss with a Moss Treatment in Seacombe and Wallasey Village

Very few lawns in Britain escape being affected by moss. That’s because the ideal conditions for moss to thrive are the conditions we experience throughout the year in Britain regardless of what part of the country we live in. So, if we can’t control the weather how do we control moss? Well, while we can’t guarantee your lawn stays moss free, there are things we can change in our garden to make it harder for moss to grow.

Trees create shade which on a warm summers day can keep you cool, however the lack of sunlight that your lawn gets as a result can encourage moss to grow, so make sure the branches are at least two metres above the lawn and make sure that you keep thinning them out. The same applies to bushes, hedges and plants. By reducing the amount of shade your lawn gets and ensuring light is reaching the ground the grass will be able to grow healthy and strong and moss will struggle to take hold.

Just as we sometimes take a vitamin supplement as winter approaches to help us ward off colds and flu, applying a moss treatment in Seacombe and Wallasey village just before the winter months will also strengthen the grass and give it a better chance of controlling the growth of moss. LawnQuest can help and advise you on what to use as part of moss treatment in Seacombe and Wallasey village.

An integral part of moss treatment in Seacombe and Wallasey village is scarification. LawnQuest will also scarify your lawn, removing moss and thatch and aerate it to ease the compaction of the soil which in turn promotes healthy conditions for the grass to grow.

Don’t Upset Your Neighbours, use our Lawn cutting Service in Seacombe and Wallasey Village

Did you know that Sunday is the day that most people decide to mow their lawn? Some start as early as 7am. While the rest of us are trying to sleep in bed and take advantage of the one opportunity in the week that we have for a lie in, the hum of a lawn mower can be heard outside! You might be the person mowing your lawn early on a Sunday morning!

If you are struggling to find time to mow your lawn but don’t want to annoy the neighbours, ask LawnQuest to do it for you with our lawn cutting service in Seacombe and Wallasey village. We won’t come at 7am in the morning and disturb your neighbours. Instead, we can discreetly call in the week at a time convenient to you and with minimum disruption. In fact, if we have access to your garden, you don’t even have to be at home!

Is it important to mow your lawn? Yes, it is! It is a vital part of caring for your lawn. While a neatly manicured lawn aesthetically improves the look of it, having a regular lawn cutting service in Seacombe and Wallasey village helps to keep the lawn tidy and encourage the growth of side shoots. If the grass can thicken it is more able to cope with the wear and tear of summer usage.

As part of a lawn cutting service in Seacombe and Wallasey Village, we will visit your home on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We are trained and experienced and so know the correct height to mow your lawn and we will cut the grass to the highest standards. To find out more call LawnQuest today. We can provide a free, no obligation quote.

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