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Look After your Lawn with Lawn Treatments in Pensby

Lawn Treatments Pensby by LawnQuestLooking after your garden is a year-round project. While the borders need to be tended to, to ensure they are well stocked and thriving, as the seasons change the requirements of your lawn change, but while you focus on your shrubs and plants it’s the lawn that can sometimes be overlooked.

It’s important to ensure that your lawn maintains a lush green appearance as this can perfectly complement the rest of your garden. On the other hand, a yellow lawn with sparse or patchy grass can detract from it. It’s for these reasons that caring for your grass is as important as looking after the borders and why having lawn treatments in Pensby is vital.

At LawnQuest we provide a wide variety of lawn treatments in Pensby. This means that we have a treatment to suit every situation. We can tailor our treatments around the needs of the grass and soil. What we use is also influenced by the conditions in the garden ie the amount of light that the lawn gets and shaded areas as these are all factors that can affect the health of the grass. We can arrange to visit at specific times throughout the year to apply lawn treatments in Pensby. By maintaining your lawn, we will ensure that the grass is kept in good health and that weeds are kept to a minimum. The healthier the grass the harder it is for weeds to take root.

Feed Your Lawn with Regular Applications of Lawn Feed, Don’t Starve it!

An integral part of keeping your lawn in good health is regularly giving it lawn feed. This kind of treatment will help to combat weeds and moss that might attempt to take root. It’s also important to apply the lawn feed at the right time, for example when the soil is moist or when it is expected to rain. This will maximise the effectiveness of the lawn feed on the grass.

In between treatments LawnQuest will visit your home and review the health of your lawn to check that the treatments are having the desired effect. If we think it needs additional treatments to enhance its health or address potential problems, we will always discuss these with you before any applications are made. We always endeavour to leave your lawn in tip top condition and if the grass starts to lose its vigour between late spring and late summer, we will always suggest applying an additional lawn feed.

Moss Treatments in Pensby

There is not one garden in the UK that has the perfect conditions for grass to thrive, in fact most gardens have the very conditions that moss loves! A big reason for this is the weather. The damp, moist atmosphere makes it easy for moss to grow and take hold in a garden. Moss is one of the most common problems for any lawn and if your garden is very shaded moss can quickly become an even bigger headache! That’s why it is important that regular moss treatments in Pensby are applied as interventions to treat the moss.

LawnQuest provides a comprehensive programme of moss treatments in Pensby. The first step in combating moss is to rake up of much of it as possible. Using a lawn scarifier makes this process a lot easier and it’s a piece of equipment that we have at LawnQuest and are adept at using.

Once we have removed as much of the moss as we can, we then add a moss killer. This is left on for a couple of weeks. During this time, it will kill off any moss that has been left behind which can then be raked up again. In addition to the moss treatments in Pensby, around this time we will fertilize the lawn to help the grass recover from the effects of the moss. If your lawn is affected by moss and you would like out more call LawnQuest.

Don’t let your Lawn Grow Wild, use our Lawn Cutting in Pensby.

Hear a lawn mower running and you know it’s summer. The smell of cut grass that follows lawn cutting in Pensby is as quintessentially British as strawberries and cream or a glass of Pimms on a hot day.

There is a serious side to lawn cutting in Pensby though. Your lawn should be cut at least once but preferably twice a week during the growing season in the summer. Mowing your lawn encourages the grass to grow thick and strong making it more able to withstand moss, weeds and disease. A regular cut also helps to maintain a healthy root system. However, finding time to cut the grass can be difficult and just trying to allocate some time can be stressful. As it takes up quite a lot of time in the growing season it’s worth making sure that you are doing it properly, so let LawnQuest help with lawn cutting in Pensby. Give us a ring on 0800 112 3970.

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