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Care for Your Lawn with Lawn Treatments in Oxton and Upton

Lawn Treatments Oxton and Upton by LawnQuestYour lawn is often one of the largest parts of your property and yet it is usually the most neglected, with the grass left untreated and overgrown, and yet a gorgeous green lawn is the backdrop to a beautiful house.

To keep your lawn healthy, green and gorgeous, lawn treatments in Oxton and Upton will provide a complete and balanced feeding regime that results in good grass health and colour. The treatment programme that LawnQuest uses can be can be tailored to the needs of your lawn and the soil that the grass is growing in. What we give your lawn will be influenced by whether you have clay or sandy soil. To decide what type of lawn treatments in Oxton and Upton would be appropriate, we will assess the condition of the soil and grass as part of a comprehensive examination.

Based on the results, we will put together a bespoke treatment programme. Sometimes all a lawn needs is a little care and attention to maintain its good health. On the other hand, there may be ongoing issues that the grass is experiencing such as moss or thatch. Either way we will put together a series of lawn treatments in Oxton and Upton to address them.

We generally recommend 5 lawn treatments per year to apply seasonal lawn feed. If your soil is clay, then less fertiliser is needed as the soil holds the nutrients better whereas more is needed with sandy soils. In addition, other work such as scarification and aeration might be needed.

Whether you are a business or homeowner you always want to make a good first impression and the condition of your garden can influence this and that’s when we can help. We also want you to be able to enjoy looking at your lawn whether it’s from an office window or your kitchen/dining room window, so we provide our lawn treatments in Oxton and Upton to both domestic and commercial customers.

Is Lawn Feed Really Necessary?

While most of us get through life by ensuring we eat the right foods to give our bodies the right nutrients, taking vitamin supplements daily can improve our health and ward off potential viruses. The same is true with lawn feed.

Most lawns can manage without too much input, however, to improve the quality of the soil and therefore the health of the grass plants, lawn feed can be beneficial. A regular application of it will ensure that the grass doesn’t succumb to common problems such as weeds, red thread, leaf spot or rust. There’s no question that keeping your lawn in good health is the best way to prevent disease.

Another reason for applying a lawn feed is that it can give the turf the help it needs to recover from heavy usage and heat over the summer. Lawn Quest can put together a balanced nutrient programme and if you want your lawn to look extra special over the winter, we can give it iron to harden the turf which enables it to become a lush, vibrant green colour during the colder months. Keeping it healthy throughout the winter can also be a preventative measure, as it stops moss and weeds from growing back in the spring. To find out more give LawnQuest a ring.

Moss Treatments in Oxton and Upton

In the right setting moss can be beautiful to look at and provide a valuable habitat for wildlife. However, it isn’t always a welcome visitor if you want an all-grass lawn. It can give the turf an uneven colour and make the surface springy to walk on. It can also cause bare patches where the grass has been choked out by the moss. Raking or scarifying are part of moss treatments in Oxton and Upton that LawnQuest provide. The aim of this is to remove all loose moss without uprooting the grass. For large areas we use a mechanical scarifier.

The second part of our moss treatments in Oxton and Upton is to apply a moss killer containing iron supplement. This will blacken the moss over a period of two to three weeks which can then be raked up. Combining this with an application of fertiliser will help the grass to recover and grow strong. It will also stifle any attempt the moss makes to return.

There are several other ways to ensure the moss does not return including aerating the lawn by aerating the soil at regular intervals and then over seeding and adding a lawn top dressing. Carrying out these three steps can reinvigorate the grass making it harder for moss to grow. These are all moss treatments in Oxton and Upton that LawnQuest can use on your lawn.

Save Yourself Time With our Lawn Cutting Service in Oxton and Upton

Finding time to mow your lawn in the summer can be challenging but it’s a job that needs to be done at least once a week. The problem is that summer is the time when people go on holiday or take time to spend with the kids while they are off school.

That’s where LawnQuest can help. Throughout the summer we offer a lawn cutting service in Oxton and Upton. We will arrange to visit at a time and on a day convenient to you. If you provide us with access to your garden, you don’t even have to be at home! Don’t worry if there are areas of your garden that are completely overgrown or awkward to access, we have the equipment to cut long grass and reach difficult sections of your lawn.

LawnQuest provide a regular lawn cutting service in Oxton and Upton for both domestic and commercial clients. We won’t just mow the lawn but trim all areas where there is grass including the edging along concrete walks, driveways, and patios. We have the equipment to care for any size of lawn from small residential lawns to large commercial areas.

If you would like to look out on your garden and see a beautifully manicured lawn, use our lawn cutting service in Oxton and Upton. Ring LawnQuest today on 0800 112 3970.

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