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Year-Round Lawn Treatments on the Wirral!

Lawn Treatments on the WirralDo you look with envy at your neighbour’s garden? Is it because you see a beautiful, thick, green lawn but look at your own and see patchy, yellow grass? If that’s the case LawnQuest can help. We provide a comprehensive range of lawn treatments on the Wirral.

Throughout the year your lawn needs to be fed and cared for, but this can be time consuming. It also requires you to understand your lawn and know what lawn treatments on the Wirral to use. With our many years of experience working throughout the Wirral, LawnQuest have the specialist knowledge and products to feed your lawn with everything it needs.

While you could be forgiven for thinking that most lawn treatments on the Wirral take place in the summer at the peak of the growing season, your lawn actually should be cared for all year round to ensure it stays healthy. The needs of your lawn change with the seasons. While new growth starts in the spring, it’s important to provide the grass with lawn care in the winter giving it lawn feed to prepare it for this new growth.

LawnQuest Lawn Care Programme

As part of our lawn care programme, LawnQuest uses only the best fertilisers, moss control treatments and weed killers as well as various other treatments for specific lawn problems. We promise to transform your lawn using our industry expertise with additional services such as scarification, hollow tine-aeration, top dressing and overseeding.

As a result of our professionalism, experience, and reliability, as well as the results we achieve with our lawn care programme, LawnQuest have built up a loyal customer base. If you want to find out more about any of our lawn treatments, give us a call on 0800 112 3970.

Moss Removal with Moss Treatments on the Wirral

Moss has been around on the planet for millions of years and it’s an age-old problem for most lawns in the UK. The weather conditions are perfect for moss to grow so moss treatments on the Wirral are needed.

The optimum time for applying moss killer is towards the end of the summer and into autumn or late spring – early summer. LawnQuest has a comprehensive moss treatment programme.

We will arrange to visit your home to apply moss treatments on the Wirral. Raking the lawn to remove as much moss as possible is the first step. We will recommend the best way to do this work. We will then apply a moss killer to the lawn. After a couple of weeks, the moss should have died off and can then be removed by raking over it again.

As part of the process the lawn will probably need some further care and attention. This might involve aerating the lawn, reseeding sparce or bare patches as well as brushing in a lawn top dressing, all of which we can advise when the best time for this work to be completed.

For your peace of mind and safety, we use moss treatments on the Wirral that are not harmful to people or pets.

Summer Lawn Cutting Service on the Wirral

During the summer, once germinated grass will grow at a rate of about2/3 cm per week. While that may not seem a lot, it can be very noticeable when your grass starts to show signs of getting longer and that is why we provide a lawn cutting service on the Wirral.

Throughout the summer months, LawnQuest will visit your home every week and take care of cutting the grass, leaving you with a beautifully manicured lawn. We are completely equipped with all the essential tools to cut the grass, trim and strim the borders and generally tidy up the area.

We provide a lawn cutting service on the Wirral for both commercial and domestic clients, ensuring your lawns are looking attractive and tidy throughout the year.

If you want to save yourself the time and energy of mowing your lawn every week during the summer months, get LawnQuest to do it. Give us a ring to find out more about our lawn cutting service on the Wirral.

Need help with your lawn? Call: 0800 112 3970