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Good Bye Brown, Yellow Lawns, Hello Lush Vibrant Green Lawns with Lawn Treatments in Noctorum and Willaston

Lawn Treatments Noctorum and Willaston by LawnQuestAn emerald, green, healthy lawn will make any garden big or small look attractive and give it a lift. But do you find yourself looking at the stunning lawns pictured in gardening magazines and see endless examples of beautiful green grass, and then compare it with what you have got, with its little brown and yellow patches or worse still, its many bare patches? It can be disheartening to see what you could have and compare it with the reality of what you have. But don’t get down, get LawnQuest to help.

There are many reasons your grass might not be in the best of health. One reason is that it might have had either too much water or heat or not enough water or nutrients. If you have pets, if they pee on the grass, that can affect the pH balance of the soil!

Our lawn treatments in Noctorum and Willaston can address a lot of these problems. For example, we recommend regular aeration of your lawn (hollow-coring or spiking). This helps to break down compacted soil, which then enables water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This will help the grass grow the vibrant green you see in the gardening magazines.

Throughout the year we also apply a range of lawn treatments in Noctorum and Willaston, which are designed to provide the grass with all the nutrients it needs to maintain good health. The treatments are tailored to the time of the year, and specific problems that your lawn might be experiencing. They will help with strong root and shoot growth and encourage chlorophyll production.

Look After Your Lawn with a Lawn Feed

During the spring and summer months, your lawn is actively growing but so are weeds, pests and moss, so it is important that you provide the grass with everything it needs to grow strong and ward off threats to its health.

LawnQuest will provide your lawn with lawn feed suited to its needs. On our first visit, we will assess the condition of the grass and suggest a programme of treatments that will either maintain its health, if it is already in good condition, or lawn feed that will improve its condition. We will adapt our treatments throughout the year based on the condition of the grass at any time.

We can advise you on the right lawn feed and the right amount for your lawn, depending on the type of grass you have, soil, and seasonal conditions, and the lawns site, for example, the amount of shade it receives.

In the autumn, we will visit your home and check for signs of damage to your lawn. Because it gets so much more use during the summer months, this can often affect it, so we can identify any issues and treat the problems promptly to limit any further deterioration of the grass.

Take Charge of Your Lawn and Reclaim It with Moss Treatments in Noctorum and Willaston

Like the common cold, moss can be very annoying, have a negative impact on your health and will keep coming back if not properly treated. For most people, trying to get rid of moss from your garden will require several different approaches and that’s when employing the services of a lawn care professional will save you time and money and ensure that the moss is properly treated. We provide a comprehensive range of moss treatments in Noctorum and Willaston.

At LawnQuest we understand three basic factors as part of moss treatments in Noctorum and Willaston – we know how lawn moss grows, we know what to do to control it, and we have a combination of skills and techniques to prevent it from growing back.

Understanding how moss grows is the first step. It loves shaded areas with acid soil which is contrary to the conditions grass prefers. Increase the light and change the pH in the soil and you can limit the growth of moss.

Controlling the growth of moss involves applying moss treatments in Noctorum and Willaston at the right time of year, which is usually when the moss is at its most active growing time during the autumn, winter, and early spring when it is damp and cold. Using a moss killer that has ferrous sulphate in it is ideal as it draws out the moisture and dries the moss up, turning it black.

If the soil in your garden is more acidic than alkaline, adding lime will readdress the balance and help to prevent moss from growing. Improving areas of your lawn that have poor drainage by thinning out trees and shrubs and aerating the areas of the lawn that are compacted can also improve conditions for grass to thrive and moss to struggle.

If you would like to find out more about how we could treat the moss in your lawn call LawnQuest today on 0151 355 7696.

A Sign of Summer is a Lawn Cutting Service in Noctorum and Willaston!

It’s a known fact that regularly mowing your lawn in the summer months will keep your grass healthy and looking gorgeous and just as having your hair cut strengthens it, so to cutting your lawn helps it to grow stronger.

Another reason to mow your lawn regularly is that it helps to combat pests and weeds. However, mowing your lawn should also come with a warning, as every time you cut the grass, you cut away the nutrients that are stored in each blade of grass, so it’s important to never cut it too short. Just like it’s better to get someone else to cut your hair who knows what they are doing, let someone experienced mow your lawn, use a lawn cutting service in Noctorum and Willaston.

We can arrange to visit your home or business premises at a time convenient to you and can mow the lawn once or twice a week if necessary, depending on how quickly the grass grows. That’s another reason to have a lawn cutting service in Noctorum and Willaston. It takes away the problem of finding time every week during the summer to cut the grass. If you would like to arrange for us to mow your lawn, whether it’s at your home or business premises, give LawnQuest a ring on 0151 355 7696. We look forward to hearing from you.

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