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Give Your Lawn a Treat with lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton

Lawn Treatments New Ferry and Prenton by LawnQuestThink of summertime and it probably conjures up in your mind being sat in your garden reading a book, sipping a glass of wine or a gin and tonic and enjoying a barbecue with friends. Our garden can be a place to relax and unwind or play with the kids. It takes on multiple roles throughout the year.

Having the perfect backdrop to enjoy different activities in your garden is essential and an integral part of this is a healthy lawn. To get it looking thick, green and lush takes effort, but you don’t have to do the work on your own, LawnQuest are here to help. That’s because we can take care of all your lawns needs.

The initial part of the process is to visit you at your home and assess the condition of the grass. Based on what we find we will suggest a range of lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton as well as various solutions to problems that your lawn might be experiencing.
As part of our lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton we will apply a combination of seasonal treatments as well as moss and weed killers to keep your lawn healthy. We will tailor the course of lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton to the individual needs of the grass. It will be designed to ensure the grass is fortified to combat moss and weeds while remaining in great condition.

With our many years of experience in lawn care, we know what works. Our industry expertise means we have a comprehensive understanding of which products get the best results. We also keep up to date with what’s new when it comes to lawn care equipment and invest in the latest technology.

To find out more give LawnQuest a ring on 0151 355 7696.

A Complete Lawn Care Programme

An effective lawn care programme should include applying a good quality fertilizer throughout the year, starting in the spring and continuing through until the end of Autumn. It’s important to give your lawn care and attention because a well-fed lawn can withstand the different conditions that come with the English weather. It doesn’t matter if it is excessively dry or wet it will remain healthy.
Moss and weed control as well as scarification and hollow tine aeration are an essential part of a good lawn care programme. At LawnQuest we provide all of these services as well as top dressing and overseeding when appropriate.

Before we carry out any treatments on your lawn, we will always talk through what we have planned and obtain your agreement. We will make recommendations as to the best way to treat specific problems. If throughout the process, you have any questions or concerns we are always happy to talk them through with you. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the lawn care industry that we can draw on.

How To Kill Moss On Your Lawn? – Use Our Moss Treatments in New Ferry and Prenton

At some point in the year your lawn will succumb to moss. That’s because the British weather creates the perfect environment for moss to grow. With damp and wet days in the winter, moss will thrive. Add into the equation shaded areas of your lawn or poorly drained soil and before you know it moss has taken hold of the grass, establishing itself amongst the decaying matter of leaves on the surface of the soil. Don’t despair though because it can be treated with a little time effort and TLC. Using the right moss treatment in New Ferry and Prenton can eradicate moss and restore the health of the grass.

An essential part of our moss treatments in New Ferry and Prenton is scarifying and raking your lawn. Doing this helps to remove moss that is growing amongst the grass. While it can be labour intensive if done by hand, using a mechanical lawn scarifier makes the job that little bit easier and quicker. With larger lawns we use a mechanical lawn scarifier. We will then apply moss killer which is left for a couple weeks. During this time the moss will turn black which is an indication that it has died. We will then rake the lawn to remove the dead moss.

The last stage of our moss treatments in New Ferry and Prenton is to apply a fertilizer in order to assist the regrowth of grass. It’s important to do this because in order to stop moss returning, improving the growing conditions of the grass will help it to outcompete any moss that tries to grow back.

Remember the One Third Rule with our lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton

Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow both sang “the first cut is the deepest” but they weren’t talking about the dos and don’ts of cutting your lawn. Interestingly when you cut your lawn for the first time after the winter you shouldn’t cut deep into the blades of grass, in fact you should never take more than 20% off the height of the grass. That’s because cutting more can cause the grass stress. In addition, the grass should only be cut when it is between 7-8 inches tall.

What about if your grass is more than 8 inches tall? You should still follow the one third rule. It’s knowing these kinds of facts that makes LawnQuest a reliable lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton.

Before we cut the grass, we will start by clearing the area of leaves, sticks and other garden debris that have accumulated over the winter months. This gives us a clear space to work with and we can mow the lawn.

Throughout the summer we can visit your home either once a week or once a fortnight. Each time we provide our lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton we will cut a little bit more off the height of the grass until it is at the desired length. We are careful not to cut the grass too short as this can result in disease and weed infestation.

If you would like to know more about LawnQuest lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton call us on 0151 355 7696.

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