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Give Your Lawn a Treat with lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton

Lawn Treatments New Ferry and Prenton by LawnQuestOur gardens are a place that we can play in, relax and read as well as enjoy a barbecue or a glass of wine after a busy day. Having the perfect backdrop to enjoy these activities is essential and looking at a healthy lawn is an integral part of this. However, a lush, green lawn takes effort.

LawnQuest can take care of all your lawns needs. We will visit your home and assess your lawn. We will suggest lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton that will help the grass to grow strong and healthy, as well as diagnose any problems and address these.

As part of our lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton we use the very best lawn feed and moss and weed killers to ensure that your lawn stays healthy. We keep up to date with the latest lawn care products and equipment and use our industry expertise to ensure your lawn is kept in tip top condition.

We will give your lawn a tailored programme of lawn treatments in New Ferry and Prenton designed to ensure the grass is fortified to fight off moss and weeds while remaining in great condition. To find out more give LawnQuest a ring on 0151 355 7696.

A Complete Lawn Care Programme

LawnQuest provide a comprehensive lawn care service. This includes fertilising, moss control, weed control, scarification, hollow tine aeration as well as top dressing and overseeding.

We will always talk you through our suggested lawn care programme and make recommendations as to the best way to treat specific problems. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the lawn care industry that we can draw on.

How To Kill Moss On Your Lawn? – Use Our Moss Treatments in New Ferry and Prenton

After the damp days of winter most lawns succumb to moss. Shaded trees or poorly drained soil create the ideal conditions for moss to thrive along with any decaying matter on the surface of the soil beneath the grass. However, with time and effort moss can be eliminated from your lawn and the grass restored. To achieve this are LawnQuests’ moss treatments in New Ferry and Prenton.

As part of our moss treatments in New Ferry and Prenton we would recommend scarifying and raking your lawn to remove as much of the moss as possible. This can be labour intensive if done by hand, so with larger areas we have a mechanical lawn scarifier. We will then apply moss killer which is left for a couple weeks.

As the final part of the moss treatments in New Ferry and Prenton, once the moss has turned black, we will rake the lawn again to clear it of the dead moss.

Remember the One Third Rule with our lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton

Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow both sang “The first cut is the deepest”. However, when it comes to grass cutting this isn’t necessarily the case! For the first cut we would always recommend only cutting about a third off a blade of grass. That’s because cutting more can stress the grass. Even if your grass has become really long it is important to still follow the one third rule. It’s this experience that makes LawnQuest a reliable lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton.

Before our first cut of the summer, we will clear the area of any mess including leaves, sticks and other garden debris that has built up on the lawn over the winter and then cut the grass.

Following this, each time we visit we will cut more off and reduce the grass to the desired length. As part of our lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton we take care to never cut the grass too short as this can result in disease and weed infestation.

To find out more about the lawn cutting service in New Ferry and Prenton call us on 0151 355 7696.

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