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Revive Your Lawn with Lawn Treatments in New Brighton and Liscard

Lawn Treatments ew Brighton and Liscard by LawnQuestWhile looking out from your kitchen or lounge window onto a beautiful green lawn can be a satisfying experience, the grass in your garden is also one of the safest surfaces you and your family can walk on. Walking barefoot on a grassy surface can be life enhancing. You may think that’s a bit extreme but standing barefoot on grass is a multi-sensory experience. The smell, touch and sounds created from walking over a lawn can trigger deep rooted associations with nature.

With all this in mind, it’s important to ensure your lawn is kept in tip top condition. Walking barefoot over a patchy, moss filled lawn doesn’t have quite the same positive impact. Lawn Quest provide lawn treatments in New Brighton and Liscard to ensure that your lawn is always in tip top condition.

We will visit your home to assess the condition of the grass and put together a programme of lawn treatments in New Brighton and Liscard that will have your lawn be lush and green throughout the year. We will then visit at key times in the year to apply seasonal lawn treatments, particularly in the spring, summer and autumn as well as carry out other essential jobs such as scarifying, aerating, over seeding and treating common problems such as moss and weeds. With our years of experience to draw on we can also quickly identify common pests and put together a plan of action to address it. Pests if left unchecked can damage the health of your lawn and plants in the garden so it’s important to act quickly.

For more information about our range of lawn treatments in New Brighton and Liscard give LawnQuest a ring today on 0800 112 3970.

Help Your Lawn to Thrive – Use Lawn Feed

There are many different types of fertiliser all designed to help your lawn in different ways. In the spring an application of a high nutrient lawn feed should be applied to assist with growth and colour and help the lawn recover from the winter. Then in the summer a lawn feed should be applied to the lawn to provide essential nutrients for root development. This is important because the stronger the roots are the more able the grass is to combat moss and weeds. At this time a herbicide could also be used to control more challenging weeds. In the autumn a lawn feed containing phosphorous and potassium will help with root development ensuring the grass remains healthy through the winter months. During the winter we will visit your home to apply a lawn feed if necessary and a moss treatment in New Brighton and Liscard.

As an independent company we use a variety of products from a range of manufacturers depending on the needs of your lawn and what’s best to treat it. We will always accommodate your requirements and our treatments depending on the weather. For more information about any of the lawn feed we use and additional treatments, give LawnQuest a ring.

Remove Moss with Moss Treatments in New Brighton and Liscard

Moss is a common problem for most lawns but If you don’t address the problem promptly, it’s spores will spread making it so much harder to treat. Scarification is a good way to start to address the problem but using a rake to remove the moss can be labour intensive and time consuming, especially if you have a large area to cover.

LawnQuest use a scarifier machine which makes the whole process so much easier. This may not be enough to remove all the moss, so applying a moss killer as part of moss treatments in New Brighton and Liscard can also help to rid your lawns of moss. Once dead the moss can be raked out.

Prevention is always better than cure so it’s good to address the reasons why the moss is growing in the first place and take steps to hinder its growth. With our years of experience, LawnQuest is quick to identify the various causes of moss and improve conditions for grass to grow.

If you haven’t got the time to get in your garden and care for your lawn, we can do it for you. We will nurse your lawn back to health with our moss treatments in New Brighton and Liscard.

With moss treatments in New Brighton and Liscard, none of the products that we use are harmful to people or pets when applied professionally.

Lawn Cutting Service in New Brighton and Liscard

Did you know that depending on the amount of light and use that your garden gets can influence the height that you cut the grass to? Getting the correct mowing height is vital. You should only ever cut the grass height to between 2.5 cm and 4cm. If a lawn is well trodden, this can increase to 5cm and if it is a shaded lawn to 7.5 cm. Who knew that mowing your lawn could be so exacting!

Does it really matter how short you cut the grass, surely it will grow back you might think? Yes, it does matter. Mowing grass too short will weaken the grass which in turn means that weeds can grow more freely, and moss can become more easily established. This spoils not only the look of your lawn but more importantly its health.
With our years of experience providing a lawn cutting service in New Brighton and Liscard we will cut your lawn to the correct height taking into consideration factors such as use and shade to keep your grass healthy. We can visit once a week throughout the summer months to maintain the correct height of the grass.

To find out more about our lawn cutting service in New Brighton and Liscard as well as any of our other services, give us a ring on 0800 112 3970.

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