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Get Your Lawn Fit and Healthy with Lawn Treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie

Lawn Treatments Meols and Saughall Massie by LawnQuest

Just as getting fit and losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, it takes effort, time and determination, the same is true of getting a great looking, healthy lawn! And just as with people, different approaches might be needed to get fit and lose weight, the same is true of achieving a healthy, lush lawn. That’s where LawnQuest can help!

LawnQuest cares for both residential and commercial lawns. We provide a range of lawn treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie. Our services include a carefully designed programme that could include moss, weed control, treatment of pests and lawn disease, over seeding, dry weather treatments and aeration. Of course, the lawn treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie that we use, all depends on the type of grass in your garden, type of soil, soil moisture levels and soil compaction, as well as conditions such as the amount of shade/lack of light the lawn gets.

With our years of experience providing lawn treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie we can tailor our treatments to meet the needs of your lawn. We will listen to any concerns that you have about the health of your lawn and use this as a basis to begin treating it.

Why Give your Grass a Lawn Feed?

What would happen if you never gave your grass lawn feed? The simple truth is that without the extra nutrients that feeding your lawn provides the grass would soon use up the plant reserves in the soil and the grass would become pale and thin. The irony is that weeds and moss thrive on low nutrient conditions and are likely to invade a poorly fed garden.

Feeding your lawn is an integral part of any lawn maintenance programme. Giving the grass a lawn feed regularly helps it grow stronger and thicker so that it is more able to withstand attacks from disease and pests as well as prevent moss from taking hold.

LawnQuest provide a regular lawn feed programme applying appropriate fertilisers at various points throughout the year. We can recommend the best fertilisers for early spring, summer and Autumn/Winter. Our reoccurring visits throughout the year mean that we can monitor and review the health of your lawn and adapt our treatment programme accordingly.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Moss?

Like any problem it’s important to identify the cause and then take steps to address the contributing factors. The main causes of moss are damp conditions, poor drainage and low soil fertility. That’s when an autumn lawn maintenance programme is essential to ensuring a healthy lawn.

A good starting point as part of moss treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie is to apply a moss control and to scarify the lawn which involves vigorously raking the lawn.

The optimum time to apply moss treatments is during the spring and autumn. LawnQuest also recommends that a micronutrient fedd combined with a moss killer to help give the grass an extra boost. In line with this we would discuss with you a course of treatments to improve the growing conditions for the grass otherwise the moss will return. This is all included in the service we provide as part of our moss treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie.

Are you in need of Moss Treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie?

To find out more about our moss treatments in Meols and Saughall Massie ring LawnQuest today on 0800 112 3970.

Love it or Loathe It Lawn Mowing is a Must! Use LawnQuest’s Lawn cutting Service in Meols and Saughall Massie!

Do you enjoy mowing the lawn? Some people find it relaxing and even therapeutic. They love the smell of cut grass and how once it has been cut, it gives the lawn an instant make over. For some on the other hand, it’s just another job to do around the house which they haven’t really got time for. Whether you love it or loathe it, mowing your lawn is essential through the spring and summer months.

Every time you cut your grass you are encouraging it to grow thicker. This in turn creates a luxuriant, lush appearance. If your grass is healthy it is also more hardwearing, meaning it will be more able to combat weeds which in turn saves you time and money trying to treat them.

LawnQuest offer a lawn cutting service in Meols and Saughall Massie. Throughout the warmer months we can visit your home once a week as part of our lawn cutting service in Meols and Saughall Massie. We understand all about mowing frequency and cutting heights. We also know that lawn mower maintenance is important so the equipment we use including lawn mowers, are all maintained to a high standard.

Included in the lawn cutting service in Meols and Saughall Massie, we will not only mow the lawn but clip and tidy the edges and dispose of the clippings. If you have a preference for how you want the lawn to be cut, we can accommodate this, for example you might like a traditional striped finish or want to leave some parts of your lawn unmowed to create a natural look that will encourage wildlife.

If you want to use our lawn cutting service, give us a ring today.

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