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It may not be Versailles, but you can have a Gorgeous Lawn with Lawn Treatments in Lymm

Lawn Treatments Lymm by LawnQuest
By the late 17th Century grass lawns with the grass cut close to the ground started appearing in the grounds of the wealthy, you only have to think of the gardens at Versailles. Today, having a beautiful, green, lush looking lawn is just as popular and is much more affordable. It has become a highly prized commodity. However, you could be the owner of a beautiful house that is immaculate inside, but if the first thing a visitor to your home sees is an untidy, yellow coloured lawn with large bare patches, it can ruin the first impression. That’s where LawnQuest can help with lawn treatments in Lymm.

We use our expertise to decide what lawn treatments in Lymm to use, taking into consideration factors such as soil and grass type, soil moisture levels and soil compaction. These can all have an impact on the quality of the grass and therefore how green and lush it may or may not grow.

We will then provide a tailor-made programme of lawn treatments in Lymm that are applied throughout the year during the different seasons to ensure your grass will grow, healthy and strong. This in turn helps to ensure that problems with weeds and moss don’t arise because the grass is able to combat these problems by itself. We generally visit 4-5 times during the year to treat your lawn.

Feed Your Grass with Lawn Feed

They say, “you are what you eat”, in other words our health is dependent on taking in the right nutrients and vitamins through the food we eat. The same is true with your lawn. It’s vital that it receives the right nutrients in order to ensure the grass grows healthy. That’s when a good lawn feed is vital.

Feeding your lawn should begin in late March-April using a spring or summer lawn feed. It’s best to apply the fertiliser when the soil is moist or when rain is forecast. Don’t worry If it doesn’t rain, our applications will wait for the rain – no scorch technology. It’s also important that the lawn is not overfed, this can be detrimental and can damage the lawn! With such factors to consider it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At LawnQuest we spare you the stress and the need to invest in the right equipment such as a spreader for applying the lawn feed, as we already have it all, meaning that we can complete the job with minimum disruption to you.

Stress Free Moss Treatment in Lymm with Lawnquest

There are many occasions when LawnQuest have witnessed a homeowner doing a thorough job of scarifying their lawn to ensure they remove all signs of moss. However, it’s important that this is done at the right time of year otherwise all the effort can be a waste.
If scarifying is done at the wrong time of year or in the wrong conditions the lawn can be an eye sore for weeks if not months afterwards. You may also cause damage to your otherwise healthy grass plants thereby worsening the problem.

At LawnQuest we know the when the optimum time is for applying a moss treatment in Lymm, as well as scarifying the lawn, raking it and aerating it with a garden fork or hollow tiner if necessary.
As part of moss treatment in Lymm, ongoing lawn maintenance is essential, especially in the damp months through Autumn and early winter, but all this can be time consuming so let us do the work for you. We can apply moss killer either by hand or with a push along spreader and if necessary, can combine these with fertiisers to help strengthen the grass making it more resistant to moss.

Based on our years of experience, LawnQuest can put together a series of recommendations as part of our moss treatment in Lymm to ensure that you lawn is moss free! Give us a ring to find out more.

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