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Don’t Leave Your Lawn Bare – Apply Lawn Treatments in Landican and Leasowe

Lawn Treatments Landican and Leasowe by LawnQuestDid you know that Landican on the Wirral is famous for having European Brown Hares. While they are nocturnal animals and so not often visible during the daylight hours, from the 1st March these normally shy animals can be seen during the day running around boxing and fighting and pursuing their mates. The draw of seeing this spectacle has led to Countryfile and The One Show visiting the area along with many naturalists. Sadly, the number of Hares in the area is on the decline are on the decline but, if you live in Landican you might find one in your garden from time to time. A sight less rare than a Hare is LawnQuest in your garden!

Unlike Hares and rabbits that love munching on grass and will leave your lawn bare, at LawnQuest we provide a wide variety of lawn treatments in Landican and Leasowe that will help it to grow healthy and strong. Unlike the Hares who typically appear in March and then disappear again, LawnQuest will visit your home 5 times throughout the year in order to apply seasonal treatments. The lawn treatments in Landican and Leasowe that we use include a combination of fertilizer and weedkillers. In addition, if your lawn is experiencing specific problems such as powdery mildew, red thread or fairy ring – all diseases that can affect grass we have lawn treatments in Landican and Leasowe that are specifically tailored to address these. We also carry out other processes such as aeration and scarification.

Being a family run business, you can expect consistency and continuity as well as the personal touch. Right from the word go, we will consult you every step of the way. You can also expect the same person visiting your home every time and applying the various treatments. To find out more call 0800 112 3970.

Relax in the Knowledge That Your Lawn is Getting the Best Lawn Feed

While two lawns may, on the surface look the same, we know that no two lawns are exactly the same. It is never a case of one size fits all, or in this instance one type of lawn feed suits every lawn. That’s because the needs of the grass can vary from one lawn to the next. One course of treatment might suit one type of grass helping it to grow healthy and strong, while the same course of treatment might damage another. Because of this we assess each lawn individually. We will evaluate the health and quality of the grass and then based on the results we will recommend a lawn feed.

Part of applying the right lawn feed also involves giving the grass the right amount and at the right time. It is possible to overfeed the grass. If too much fertilizer is applied the grass will take on a bluey green colour. Because there are so many variables when deciding on how much fertilizer is needed, it is better to get the experts in to look after your lawn. LawnQuest will care for your lawn with professionalism, applying the skills, knowledge and expertise that we have acquired over the years.

Don’t just Reduce Moss…. Eradicate It with Moss Treatments in Landican and Leasowe

Of all the problems you can have in your garden, moss is the most common issue your lawn will experience. It is the bane of every gardener’s life, not just on the Wirral but up and down the country!

Equally common is using the wrong treatments to get rid of the moss. For example, while washing up liquid will kill moss, it will also disrupt the chemical activity in the soil killing soil friendly bugs and worms causing more damage in the long term. Just as you wouldn’t use moss killer to clean your dishes, washing up liquid shouldn’t be used to get rid of moss!

If your lawn succumbs to moss, we can apply regular moss treatments in Landican and Leasowe. After a cool wet winter, a lot of lawns will start to show some signs of moss. Simply raking over it might be enough to get rid of it however sometimes more is needed. We will scarify the lawn to remove as much moss as possible and then apply a moss killer that usually contains iron to control and suppress remaining moss. We will leave it a couple of weeks and then scarify the lawn again. While this process may need to be done several times, you should start to see an immediate improvement.

We will also carry out moss treatments in Landican and Leasowe in the autumn and winter when the grass is at its wettest and moss will flourish. We understand that there is no such thing as a quick solution so we will gradually reduce and eradicate the moss in your lawn.

Where the grass is thin, patchy and not strong moss will take root so good lawn care is also one way to combat it. Keeping your lawn healthy with regular treatments and feeding it with fertilizers will have a positive impact. However, if it succumbs to moss, we can apply regular moss treatments in Landican and Leasowe.

Spruce Up Your Lawn with our Lawn Cutting Service in Landican and Leasowe

Cutting your lawn is one of the most time-consuming parts of lawn care. Because it takes effort, it makes sense that it should be done properly otherwise the time spent could be wasted.

Cutting it to the right length is an integral part of getting it right. LawnQuest can save you the time it takes to cut it and take the stress out of ensuring your cut it right with our lawn cutting service in Landican and Leasowe. In the long-term cutting the lawn correctly may also save you time and money in lawn fertilizer, weed killer and grass seed for repairs.

What does our lawn cutting service in Landican and Leasowe involve? We will visit your home once a week from mid-March right through to the end of the summer to cut the grass to its ideal height, taking into consideration the growing conditions and the amount of use the lawn gets. Cut too short can weaken it allowing weeds to grow. As part of our lawn cutting service in Landican and Leasowe we can advise you on this.

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