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When is a Weed Not a Weed? – When it Grows Where You want it to, but if it’s growing where it shouldn’t be, use Lawn Treatments in Frankby and Greasby!

Lawn Treatments Frankby and Greasby by LawnQuestWith the passing of winter and the beginning of spring, the natural world starts to revive and reinvigorates itself after the colder months. As the weather starts to warm up so does the temperature of the soil and with this grass starts to grow more vigorously. The problem is, so does everything else, including weeds such as daises and dandelions. While they can look like a pretty carpet of flowers, if they are growing where you don’t want them to, they can ruin the look of a beautiful green lawn. Not only this but if left untreated they can start to suffocate the grass by strangling the roots! That’s when professional lawn treatments in Frankby and Greasby are needed to combat this.

A tailored package of lawn treatments in Frankby and Greasby is the ideal way to help your lawn grow strong. In turn the healthier the grass, the more able it is to withstand the effects of weeds. The roots will be strong and are less likely to be choked by weeds. It’s about maximising the growth of the grass while controlling the spread of weeds. At LawnQuest our lawn treatments can help.

The first step to treating your lawn is to analyse its condition. This includes checking the soil health, analysing the appearance of the grass, and quality of the roots. We will look for any signs of moss which is usually an indication of poor grass health. Based on our findings, we will put together a series of lawn treatments in Frankby and Greasby to ensure that the grass is kept in tip top condition throughout the seasons.

One of the things that we use as part of the lawn treatment programme is a specialised lawn feed which helps to limit the growth of weeds. If your grass is kept healthy it can take care of itself and can fight off weeds limiting their ability to take hold.

Get a Lawn that Looks Like a Wimbledon Tennis Court by giving it Lawn Feed

Even if you don’t really like Tennis, for two weeks in the summer, most people watch the Wimbledon Championships, it’s a very British tradition. One of the things that the All England Tennis Club is known for during this time are the beautifully manicured grass courts.
The 18 championship grass courts are mowed every other day during the tournament, but the work to get the courts looking their best starts many months earlier. While your back garden may not be a championship tennis court, to have it looking as lush and green as the courts at Wimbledon takes time, effort, and a lot of specialist knowledge, and that’s when LawnQuest can help.

An integral part of having a healthy lawn is to give it lawn feed. Neil Stubley who is the head groundsman for the All England Tennis Club commented that the “key to a healthy lawn is hydration, light, air and feeding.”

Giving your lawn a generous helping of lawn feed at regular intervals throughout the year will not only improve the appearance of your lawn but will also help the turf to recover from heavy usage during the summer and harsh weather conditions over the winter.

Moss Treatment in Frankby and Greasby

Ditrichum Cornubicum otherwise known as Cornish Path Moss. Ever heard of it? Probably not! That’s because it is very rare. It was originally discovered in 1963. It has become a victim of its own success because it can colonise but, in the process, help other species to do the same and out compete the Cornish path moss. As a result, it is on the decline. A project has been established and it has been saved from the brink of extinction. The irony is that while one type of moss is being saved, many of us are keen to get rid of the moss that is commonly found in our gardens.

Moss is like a thief because it takes away the nutrients in the soil which obviously has a negative impact on the health of the grass. Just like humans need the correct amount and type of vitamins and minerals to grow, survive and thrive, grass needs the same – a healthy balance of nutrients to grow strong but where moss is growing this can’t happen. As a result, a course of moss treatments in Frankby and Greasby can be used to redress the balance.

It’s important to act fast and apply moss treatments in Frankby and Greasby as soon as you start to see moss appear. The longer it is left the harder it is to control, so moss treatments in Frankby and Greasby essential. That’ s where LawnQuest can help.

We at LawnQuest use a highly effective treatment programme. It works by drawing out of the ground the moisture that moss thrives on. The result is that the moss dries up, turns black and dies. There are a range of treatments available to kill moss and we can adapt our approach to match the needs of your lawn. All our treatments are safe to use and pet friendly. To find out more give us a ring today.

Have a Lawn Cutting Service in Frankby and Greasby – The Key to a Healthy Lawn!

When the sun is shining, and the warm weather has arrived, it’s the perfect time to enjoy relaxing in your garden. The problem is, it’s also the time when the grass is at its most active, but the last thing you want to be doing is mowing your lawn every week. The good news is you don’t have to. At LawnQuest we provide lawn cutting in Frankby and Greasby.

If you don’t particularly find the idea of mowing your lawn an exciting one, getting LawnQuest to do it for you could be the solution. We provide a lawn cutting service in Franky and Greasby throughout the summer months? We can visit you at your home once a week to take care of mowing your lawn. We know exactly the right height to cut it and will vary this depending on the length it is before its first cut of the year.

While you might not think it, when you use our lawn cutting service in Frankby and Greasby you will actually be saving yourself money. That’s because you don’t have to pay out for the equipment to mow your lawn or pay to get it fixed when something goes wrong with it. Instead, you can keep your garden shed free of tools. To find out more give us a ring on 0800 112 3970.

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