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From Green to Greener – Lawn Treatments in Ellesmere Port

Lawn Treatments Ellesmere Port by LawnQuestDid you know that one grass seed can produce between 10 – 16 leaves or blades, all of which compete for the resources and nutrients that they need to survive. As a result, every blade of grass as a living, breathing thing needs some TLC in order to grow healthy and strong. Add to this the fact that on average a square foot of grass has 3,000 blades and that works out at a lot of grass to look after!

That’s when LawnQuest can take the stress out of looking after your lawn. However big your garden and whatever the size of your lawn, we provide a wide range of lawn treatments in Ellesmere Port designed to improve the health of the grass.

Our lawn treatments in Ellesmere Port include regular visits to your home by us at regular intervals throughout the year to improve its health. We will also apply specific lawn products to treat common grass diseases such as thatch, rust and mildew that might be affecting your lawn.

Not every garden escapes the invasion of lawn pests either such as chafer grubs, or crane flies. Whatever problem you encounter, it is not always easy to know what to do, that’s when LawnQuest can help.

As part of our lawn treatments in Ellesmere Port we can also use various products to kill off lawn pests or disease that may be affecting your garden. Our treatment programme also includes hollow tine aeration, scarification and top dressing. We have the expertise and resources to address all common lawn problems and ensure optimum growing conditions resulting in a healthy, robust lawn.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed….We have got it Covered!

A key element to achieving a healthy lawn is to apply lawn feed regularly. Just as taking vitamin supplements ensures we get the nutrients we need to have good health, as food for the plants, lawn feed gives the grass the nutrients it needs to grow thick and remain green.

The problem is that there are so many different types of lawn feed, making it impossible to know what to use and when to use it. That’s not a problem for LawnQuest. We are thoroughly conversant with all the lawn feed products available and having made a comprehensive assessment of your lawn and the health of the grass we will recommend a series of appropriate treatments. Our main treatment programme is based around the seasons with different fertilisers applied to your lawn.

We usually recommend applying a fertiliser that provides protection from weeds while also feeding your lawn. In spring and Autumn it is important to build in a product that will control moss. It’s these factors that we can talk to you about as part of our treatment programme.

In addition to some of the treatments mentioned above we can also tailor packages to address specific needs that your lawn may have such as fungal disease, soil compaction and invasive grasses. To find out more give LawnQuest a ring.

Moss Treatment in Ellesmere Port!

With the cooling of the temperature and the generally damp conditions that come along in the autumn months it is the time when a lawns worst enemy is likely to appear – moss. This makes it the ideal time to apply a moss treatment in Ellesmere Port.

Before applying any moss treatment in Ellesmere Port, it is important to remove as much loose moss as possible through scarification. This makes it easier to treat the moss that is left behind. To do this we will apply either a liquid or granular form of moss killer which comprises of a moss suppressant. Depending on what we use this can be spread via our push along spreader or a pump action spray.

After a couple of weeks, the remaining moss should have turned either black or brown and died off so it can be raked up and removed.

It’s important to remember that moss in your lawn can be an indication of a bigger problem, so it’s important to look into the cause of it. It could be as a result of soil compaction or lawn thatch. If the cause is not addressed, then even after a moss treatment in Ellesmere Port it will still grow back. That’s why it is important to have an ongoing programme of lawn treatments. If the grass, and the soil it’s growing in, is kept healthy it will naturally limit the chances of moss growing.

Keep the Grass Looking Trim with our Lawn Cutting Service in Ellesmere Port

When we think of climate change, we may think of it in relation to how it is affecting the polar ice regions or warming the oceans, but did you know that global warming is having an impact right now in your back garden? The fact is that as a result of climate change, the milder temperatures are encouraging the grass in your garden to start growing earlier in the year. Instead of late April to early May, grass is starting to regrow as early as February or March and with grass growth comes the need for grass cutting! With an extended period of time for your grass to need cutting, it’s not just limited to the summer months and that’s when a lawn cutting service in Ellesmere Port comes in handy!

LawnQuest provide a reliable lawn cutting service in Ellesmere Port. We can ease the stress of mowing your lawn by doing it for you. We can visit your home on a regular basis either once or twice a week if necessary to ensure your lawn is kept at the right length, which in turn this keeps it healthy.

To find out more about our lawn cutting service in Ellesmere Port call LawnQuest today on 0800 112 3970.

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