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Is Your Lawn More Weeds Than Grass? If it is it needs Lawn Treatments in Delamere and Deeside

Lawn Treatments Delamere and Deeside by LawnQuestSadly, your lawn is prone to unwanted pests and disease. Even the very best gardeners don’t escape. Ants, Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets are just some of the pests that can inhabit a lawn and damage it. Red Thread, while doing little lasting damage to your lawn, is a disease that creates brown marks, leaving mottled patches that have an unsightly effect on the appearance of the lawn. Mycelium fungus is another lawn disease that can turn areas of grass brown. While it is not fully known what causes it, like most of the pests and diseases that affect a lawn it can be treated. At LawnQuest we have had many years of experience treating lawns and are familiar with a range of methods and products to rid your lawn of pests and disease through our range of lawn treatments in Delamere and Deeside.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to ensure it isn’t affected by pests and disease. Enabling the lawn to grow strong and healthy will mean it is able to combat problems that could arise and not allow weeds, disease or pests to take hold. That’s another reason why lawn treatments in Delamere and Deeside are so important, not just to cure but to prevent problems in the first place.

To find out more about the lawn treatments in Delamere and Deeside that LawnQuest provide, give us a ring on 0800 112 3970.

Your Lawn Can Look as Green as a Golf Course with Regular Applications of Lawn Feed!

A lot of the lawn feed that you buy at garden centres and DIY outlets are diluted because they have to adhere to safety regulations. This means that the results you get are limited. At LawnQuest we source specialist lawn feed products used by the professionals which get great results. They are safe to use around children and pets too.

Our combination of lawn treatments and lawn feed will give your lawn the boost it needs, helping it to grow healthy and strong throughout the seasons.

Get Great Results with our Moss Treatments in Delamere and Deeside!

Lawns that are shaded by trees or that are on poorly drained soil will at some point experience moss. It loves cool, moist growing conditions so the weather in the UK is perfect for it. But don’t despair, LawnQuest provide moss treatments in Delamere and Deeside.
As part of our moss treatments in Delamere and Deeside we generally recommend scarifying the lawn or raking it to get up as much of the moss as possible. We then apply a moss killer to attack any moss that is left behind, followed by scarification to remove the dead moss.

Each step is essential because moss can grow thick, and simply putting one application of moss killer on grass will only kill what’s on the surface and not penetrate beneath. Using a rake to scarify is hard work especially if you have a large lawn, so leave it to LawnQuest. We have a mechanical scarifier that is more thorough and easier to use for moss treatments in Delamere and Deeside.

We tailor our moss treatments to the needs of your lawn. Sometimes one course of moss killer is enough to get good results on a well-maintained lawn and can be used from mid-spring. However, where moss is a bigger problem and there is poor soil condition it should be tackled earlier in the year and combined with fertilizers and weed killers that are applied throughout the year. These are courses of action that we can talk through with you.

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