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A Comprehensive Range of Lawn Treatments in Christleton and Newton

Lawn Treatments Christleton and Newton by LawnQuestA beautiful, healthy lawn is something that, once achieved, you can be proud of. The problem is that it can take a lot of time and effort to get to get to that point, which most people haven’t got. If you are struggling to find time to care for your lawn, let LawnQuest help. Not only do we have the time, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to give the grass the appropriate lawn treatments in Christleton and Newton.

Based on many years of experience we can also promptly identify issues with specific types of weeds and infestations and know exactly how to deal with them to effectively eradicate them. We are always thorough and conscientious when caring for your lawn.

Before we make any recommendations for lawn treatments in Christleton and Newton, we will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your lawn and the health of the grass. We will talk through with you our findings as well as any specific requirements that you have and what your objectives are for your lawn. If your lawn is experiencing specific health problems, we will provide informed and reliable advice on the best way to address these with our lawn treatments in Christleton and Newton. If your lawn is already thriving and in good health, we will look to maintain this with our range of treatments.

It is always reassuring to have someone who knows what they are doing and takes the time to keep you informed. At LawnQuest we endeavour to keep you updated of what treatments we are planning to use and when. We only ever apply the treatments with your agreement. As a family run business, we are not part of a franchise so you can expect a personalised service.

Lawn Feed = Green Lawn!

Ever wondered how some people manage to get a luscious green lawn? The answer is Potassium, so including potassium in your lawn feed programme will give it the rich green colour. Combining this with a mixture of other lawn fertilisers will also help the grass to grown strong and healthy which prevents weeds and moss from spreading.

At LawnQuest we keep up to date with new treatments and source only the best quality lawn feed. This is important because different feeds contain different nutrients which your lawn needs at different times of the year. We use the latest products available for professionals.
We recommend a nitrogen-based lawn feed in the spring and early summer while one containing phosphates should be applied in the Autumn. The aim of this is to strengthen the grass roots to help them through the winter. It’s important to always stay one step ahead.
We apply the lawn feed as well as other lawn treatments in a safe and efficient manner. We don’t cut corners, (pardon the pun)!

Moss Prevention with Moss Treatments in Christleton and Newton

Old and diseased grass will build up on the surface of the soil, this is known as thatch. This can prove to be problematic for your lawn as it provides exactly the right conditions for moss to grow. It weakens the grass restricting nutrients getting through but conversely produces the environment that moss loves. You might think that raking your lawn is enough to combat the problem and remove the thatch and thus stop the moss, you’d be wrong. Your lawn should be scarified and aerated to remove the thatch. Treat the thatch and you get rid of the moss!

While scarification can be done manually at LawnQuest, as part of our moss treatments in Christleton and Newton we often use a motorised mechanical scarifier. This consists of rotating blades that penetrate the soil, lifting the thatch to the surface where it can then be raked away.

As a lawn care professional, we would also recommend using ferrous sulphate as part of moss treatments in Christleton and Newton to kill off any remaining moss. It is a water-soluble fungicide and herbicide that changes the pH levels of the soil to promote healthy growth while also killing off the moss. It works quickly and effectively. Realistically an application of this would have to be done more than once before all of the moss and thatch has been removed.

If you would like to know more about the effective ways that LawnQuest can remove thatch and moss from your lawn or would like advice about moss treatments in Christleton and Newton call 0800 112 3970.

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