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Tired, Worn, Patchy Lawns – They can be a thing of the past with Lawn Treatments in Chester!

Lawn Treatments Chester by LawnQuestMost people wouldn’t argue that when you look out onto a green, vibrant garden you get a great sense of satisfaction. That’s because seeing green grass, growing thick and lush is something associated with a healthy lawn. However, to achieve this often takes time and effort. Having a healthy lawn is labour intensive, and sadly few of us have the amount of time needed! Without the time and attention, a lawn needs, sadly what you will end up looking out onto through your kitchen or conservatory window, could be a lawn full of weeds and yellow or beige patches.

The good news is that your lawn is not beyond help. With the right care and attention, you can have a beautiful, healthy lawn and you won’t have to lift a finger to get it! That’s because LawnQuest are here to help. As a result of over twenty years of experience in lawn care, we have the skills and expertise to know what your lawn needs.

We understand that every lawn is different and so what your lawn needs will be very different to your neighbours. No two are completely the same so it is not good to compare! We just focus on what’s going on in your garden and what lawn treatments in Chester your grass needs.

Analysing your lawn is the first step. Just from looking at how it is growing, the colour and texture etc, we can evaluate the health of the grass and then put together a series of recommendations including various lawn treatments in Chester.

The results of our evaluation will provide the basis for our recommended lawn treatments in Chester. If your lawn has any specific issues, we will put together a tailor-made treatment programme to address these.

Provide Your Grass with a Healthy Diet of Lawn Feed

At LawnQuest we provide a rolling programme of five visits a year including the application of lawn feed. This ensures that your lawn receives everything it needs to remain healthy throughout the seasons. It enables it to grow strong enough to endure heavy usage throughout the summer months when more time is spent in the garden, as well as during the winter when you may be indoors, but the colder weather could be affecting the health of the grass.

When deciding what to use, it’s not just a case of which type of lawn feed is the best, but which is best for you and your lawn. It’s important to get the very best out of the fertilizers that are used and maximise their potential in order to produce a healthy response from the grass. As a result, we will apply a range of different types of lawn feed which are all individually designed to give the grass what it needs at key times throughout the year.

You don’t need a Magic Wand to Banish the Moss just use Moss Treatments in Chester!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “nothing is certain except death and taxes”. Well, you can add a third to that…..moss. That’s because living in England, at some stage most gardens will encounter moss. The problem is that moss has adapted over time to being able to grow and even thrive in poor soil conditions. Moss also loves the damp weather conditions prevalent in this county. In contrast grass needs water, sunlight and high-quality soil in order to grow healthy.

The answer is clear then, while you can’t sadly influence the number of hours of sunshine your garden gets, you can ensure your soil is in good condition and has all the right nutrients in it to encourage the grass to grow strong and in turn discourage moss from taking hold.

As part of our moss treatments in Chester, LawnQuest can help to enhance the quality of your soil. To do this we will apply various treatments to enrich the soil helping the grass to grow healthy. The second part of the process is to put on the lawn moss treatments in Chester that have a moss suppressant in them. These should be applied in Autumn and Spring.

For existing moss that needs to be removed we will apply a moss killer to your lawn. Usually this contains ferrous sulphate or ferrous ammonium sulphate. This kills the moss which can then be raked up after a couple of weeks. All we ask is that you do not mow your lawn one day after a moss treatment has been distributed over the lawn. There is also no need to water your lawn.

If necessary, once this aspect of moss treatments in Chester has been carried out, and moss has been removed, we will seed the area.

In addition, we can carry out other manual treatments and lawn renovation works such as scarifying, and aeration.

Lawn Mowing Need Not be a Chore with our Lawn Cutting Service in Chester!

Times are changing and we are being encouraged to allow parts of our garden to grow wild, enabling insects and bees to thrive, creating a mini meadow full of flowers. However, for many it is not a feasible or suitable option. It’s not to say you can’t still have a lawn combined with a wildflower patch or pots growing wildflowers.

Either way, if you have a lawn, no matter what size it is and whether or not you have a mini meadow in your garden, an essential part of caring for it is mowing the lawn during the Spring and Summer. While the grass is growing a lawn needs to be cut at least once every two weeks and that’s when a lawn cutting service in Chester can be a big help!

Some people find mowing the lawn an enjoyable process, even therapeutic, while for others it’s a monotonous job. Even if you enjoy mowing the lawn, sometimes it’s hard to find the time. Whatever your feelings about it, it’s a job that can’t be left as it’s an integral part of creating a luxuriant looking lawn. That’s why at LawnQuest we provide a lawn cutting service in Chester to take the pressure off you.

We take care of everything connected to looking after your lawn including providing a lawn cutting service in Chester. We know the frequency that the lawn should be mowed and the cutting height of the grass, so get in touch with us today. Call 0800 112 3970.

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