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Beautiful Lush Green Lawns with Lawn Treatments in Cheshire

Lawn Treatments Cheshire by LawnQuestIf you are looking for a reliable lawn specialist operating throughout the Cheshire area, then LawnQuest can help. Over the years we have honed our experience, and with our tried and tested methods, we have put together a comprehensive programme of lawn treatments in Cheshire. As no two lawns are often the same, we will tweak and change our lawn treatments in Cheshire to accommodate the specific needs of your grass. We can also build in treatments that combat specific problems that your lawn might be having for example with fungus caused by disease. We also provide a range of more seasonal treatments that provide your lawn with all the right nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. We will keep your lawn in tip top condition.

So, what can you expect with our lawn treatments in Cheshire? At LawnQuest we generally recommend that we make 5 visits during the year, although this is a cautious response because it can depend on what your lawn is like. Factors such as plant physiology, our local knowledge and experience will influence how regularly we visit. Essentially, the key times are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you contact us, we can start our treatment programme at any time. So, if it’s the early spring when you get in touch, we can start by applying a specialist fertiliser to help the grass grow strong as well as a herbicide to control the weeds. If it’s the summer, we will give the grass a lawn feed to nourish it which usually contains balanced phosphorus and potassium as well as nitrogen and additional micro elements.

As autumn is the optimum time for your lawn to be affected by disease, an application of fertiliser is essential to encourage root development along with a moss control treatment. Finally, in the winter, lawn feed with a mix of nutrients to help the grass withstand the frost and damp conditions is applied as well as more moss killer.

Optimize the Health of your Lawn with Lawn Feed

Your lawn endures endless changes in weather conditions throughout the year and even more so with the UK’s erratic weather that we have encountered in the last few years! Add into the mix pets, children, weeds, and pests, not to mention weekly mowing in the summer, and it’s not surprising that your lawn will need a regular nutrient boost to help it maintain a dense, radiant green appearance. For it to look its best it needs water, oxygen and nutrition. Creation provides the oxygen from the air, and water from the rain, LawnQuest provides the nutrients by giving your lawn a regular application of lawn feed.

At LawnQuest we use a range of lawn feed products that provide your grass with all the nutrients it needs to give it optimal health. We use fertilizers that are specially tailored to deliver the exact nutrient requirements that your lawn needs for each season and to cope with the weather conditions and type of use it is getting. In spring it’s a spring boost lawn fertilizer, in summer a long-lasting lawn fertilizer and in autumn an all-round lawn feed. Before we decide what treatment to use, we will assess the condition of the grass and the soil type.

So, if you feel your lawn is looking a little tired and past its best, LawnQuest can revitalise it with our lawn care services.

Say Goodbye to Moss with Moss Treatments in Cheshire

Speak to any gardener and they are likely to say that one of the most common problems they experience is moss in their lawn. Mid-Winter in particular is the dreaded time when your lawn is most vulnerable to moss, but if you take the relevant precautions and plan ahead you will have a much better chance of controlling it. For example, if the moss in your garden is caused by there being too much shade, take time to prune trees and hedges between November and February to encourage more light into the garden. Giving your lawn an application of a winter feed that contains plenty of iron will help the grass grow strong and kill off moss plants.

With our years of experience LawnQuest can help and advise you on how to limit the growth of moss, however even when you limit the amount of shade in your garden and give your grass all the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy, moss can still wheedle its way into your lawn, so what do you do then? That’s when specific moss treatments in Cheshire are needed.

We might recommend a light application of moss killer as part of moss treatments in Cheshire. If that’s not enough we would recommend scarifying and raking the lawn to remove as much of the moss as possible. By doing it you can effectively remove moss from a lawn which in turn gives the grass room to develop and grow rather than suffocate it. Once the moss has been removed any left behind is treated with moss killer and after a couple of weeks can be raked up.

Even if you don’t have a problem with moss, scarifying is an integral part of lawn renovation and should be carried out annually as it helps grasses to produce off shoots of new growth thickening your lawn. These are all services that we provide as part of our moss treatments in Cheshire. For your peace of mind, for moss treatments in Cheshire, LawnQuest only use products that are safe and effective.

You Know Summer Has Arrived When You Need a Lawn Cutting Service in Cheshire!

There is a saying that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but just as important to many is their garden. We all like to be proud of our lawn, in fact on average we spend around 45 minutes to an hour mowing our lawns every week if we use a traditional rotary mower but if you live on anything more than an acre it will take considerably more time. That all adds up if you are mowing your lawn at least once or twice a week during the summer months, and while mowing your lawn can be a pleasurable experience it can be time consuming, something which most of us haven’t got so why not let LawnQuest help.

We provide a weekly lawn cutting service in Cheshire during the summer. When and how often you should mow, what the ideal cutting height is for the grass and which mower should be used are all factors that need to be considered but all questions we have the answers to as part of our lawn cutting service in Cheshire. We can take the stress out of mowing your lawn.

If you would like to find out more about our lawn cutting service in Cheshire, give LawnQuest a ring on 0151 355 7696.

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