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Give your Lawn a Boost with Lawn Treatments in Caldy and Larton

Lawn Treatments Caldy and Larton by LawnQuestChanges in the weather, spending time outside with the family in the garden leading to increased use over the warmer months, as well as problems with weeds and insects, can all take their toll on a lawn, so it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of it. Think of it like this – just as your car has a regular MOT to review its condition, your grass should have a health check, that’s when LawnQuest can help. We will visit you at your home or business premises and assess the health of the lawn around your property.

As a result of our lawn treatments in Caldy and Larton we can ensure your lawn is looking lovely all year round and that the grass is able to grow healthy and strong, regardless of how much use it gets, the weather conditions, and other factors that can impact on it.

We use the very latest products as part of our lawn treatments in in Caldy and Larton to achieve a weed free, moss free lawn. We make sure that we are up to date with what’s newly available, what works well and are only the finest quality professional grade fertilizers.

We will also adapt our lawn treatments in Caldy and Larton to accommodate the needs of the grass and can tailor the quantity and regularity of the application to the size of the lawn as well as its current health. As part of our lawn treatment programme, we can scarify and aerate the lawn and overseed bare patches if necessary. If you prefer organic applications we can supply and treat your lawn with these, on request. We will always talk through our suggestions first with you to make sure you are happy with the plan before carrying out any of the work.

Lawn Feed to Meet the Needs of your Lawn.

As we go through the winter, the effects of frost, wind, rain and the cold can start to show in your garden. Plants suffer and your lawn is no different. Giving your grass lawn feed is a key part of lawn health and maintenance. It will help your lawn to repair itself and grow strong enough to cope with the constant changes in the weather.

If you think that your lawn needs help after the winter, and you want to get it back in shape then LawnQuest can help. We can give the grass a series of lawn feed applications to get it back in tip top condition.

The best time to apply lawn feed is from March to October. We will visit regularly during these months to apply fertilizer while your grass is actively growing, and temperatures are starting to increase. Your lawn will have never looked better once we have finished giving it all the right lawn treatments that it needs throughout the year to help it grown healthy and strong. For your peace of mind, the treatments that we apply are safe around pets and children.

Moss Treatments in Caldy and Larton

Successful moss treatments in Caldy and Larton involve much more than just applying a moss killer, they include understanding why it’s growing in your lawn, how you can change the conditions to discourage it from growing, and using several different tactics to ensure you get rid of it completely.

Moss doesn’t grow in the same way that most plants do. That’s because they don’t process water and nutrients. This affects the way that normal weed killers and powerful herbicides work, rendering them ineffective on moss. At LawnQuest we know which effective moss treatments in Caldy and Larton to use, such as products based on iron like ferrous sulphate which will draw out the moisture from the moss, drying it up and then turning it black before it dies. Once the treatment has done its job, we will then rake up the dead moss and clear the lawn. This process will often have to be carried out several times before all the moss has been killed off and removed. While it is labour and time intensive to get rid of moss from your lawn, at LawnQuest we have all the right resources and equipment to treat your lawns, from scarifying and raking to applying moss killer, making it a much quicker and easier process which can be carried out with minimal disruption to you and your family.

While it is important to apply moss treatments in Caldy and Larton when lawn conditions encourage and support the health and vigorous growth of grass that’s when moss will struggle to take hold. As a result, we look at not just treating the problem, but working on the health of your lawn to ensure that moss doesn’t return. LawnQuest provide a comprehensive range of moss treatments. To find out more about them, ring LawnQuest on 0800 112 3970.

Keep Your Lawns Looking Trim with our Lawn Cutting Service in Caldy and Larton

During the winter months, your grass will generally not need cutting, unless that is, we have some unusually warm weather and with the ever-changing climate conditions that’s becoming more and more likely. However, it’s in the warmer months when the grass is growing at its fastest rate that you are more likely to need a lawn cutting service in Caldy and Larton.

As soon as we move into Spring and Summer, the grass starts growing and regular mowing will help to maintain the health of your lawn keeping it vibrant green. However, it’s not simply a case of getting the lawn mower out, it’s finding the time to mow the lawn that can be difficult, as most families are juggling lots of other responsibilities, and depending on the size of your lawn, it can be a time-consuming exercise. That’s why throughout the summer months, LawnQuest provide a lawn cutting service in Caldy and Larton.

We want you to enjoy your outside space throughout the year and we don’t want you to be stressed, worrying about when you can mow your lawn, so with our lawn cutting service in Caldy and Larton, you don’t have to give it another thought. For more information about our lawn cutting services give us a ring today.

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