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Spring Through to Winter, We Have Every Season Covered with our Lawn Treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield

Lawn Treatments Bromborough and Raby Mere by LawnQuestTo get the very best out of your lawn it needs consistency and continuity, which you don’t always get from some of the bigger lawn treatment companies, but you will with LawnQuest.

As a small, family run business, when you employ us, you can expect a personalised service. Instead of not knowing who is going to be at your door to carry out lawn treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield you will know exactly who to expect every time. You can talk to us when we visit about any worries or concerns you have about your lawn. We like spending time with, and talking to our customers, and we want your input, after all it is your lawn!

Throughout the year we will visit at regular intervals to apply various lawn treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield. Getting essential nutrients into the soil by applying fertilizers is essential if you want the grass to grow strong and healthy and maintain a good condition throughout the seasons. However, with so many products available, which ones you choose to use can be a difficult decision to make, so leave it to LawnQuest.

At LawnQuest we know what lawn treatments to use, how much to use and when to use them. We have handheld spreaders which are ideal for applying fertilizer in gardens that are not a standard shape. In addition, we have mechanical push along spreaders for larger gardens. Using a spreader helps to cover the surface evenly.

Providing your lawn with the correct lawn treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield takes time and effort, but it is an integral part of a lawn care programme and shouldn’t be underestimated. If you would like to find out more about our lawn treatment services, give LawnQuest a ring on 0800 112 3970.

Confused about what Lawn Feed to Use!

Every lawn needs to have a balanced nutrient programme in order to maintain the health of the grass. This can be provided by applying lawn feed. Different types of lawn feed have a range of different ingredients in them and understanding what they are and what they do can influence what is used.

Based on our many years of experience LawnQuest has the expertise to know exactly what products to give your lawn that will provide the all-important balanced nutrient programme. For example, in the spring, nitrogen is required, whereas in the autumn potassium is needed to help the grass to be hardy. If necessary, we can visit again in the winter to add a low nitrogen content lawn feed to improve the health of your lawn through the cold months helping it to withstand the harsher weather conditions.

It’s not just about knowing when and what to fertilize your garden with, but other factors need to be considered such as moisture and temperature levels in the soil. These can impact on what fertilizers are used. We will take these into consideration providing you with professional advice and recommendations on what lawn feed should be used.

Moss Treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield that Work!

If there is evidence of Thatch in your garden, the likelihood is that you will have moss. So, what is thatch? It’s a combination of both living and dead matter that is found in between the grass leaf and the root. While this ordinarily is not a problem, the bad news is that it creates the right conditions for moss to grow which is a problem! Raking your lawn isn’t sufficient to get rid of moss, instead your lawn should be scarified and aerated to remove the thatch and that’s when LawnQuest can help with our moss treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield.

In the Autumn moss control usually involves scarifying your lawn, this is an integral part of our moss treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield. This is not the same as raking. Scarifying your lawn does much more than simply raking it. It will cut out the Thatch remember – treat the thatch and you get rid of the moss. Scarifying also prunes the grass plants which causes extra shoots to grow and thickens the turf.

As the temperature drops in the colder winter months grass growth slows down too but this is when moss can take advantage and spread rapidly so applying moss treatments in Brimstage and Fairfield including Ferrous Sulphate can make a difference. It will suppress its growth. LawnQuest will plan a visit to your home or commercial premises to apply moss killer.

Lawn Cutting Service in Brimstage and Fairfield

When spring arrives so does the need for mowing your lawn regularly. It will generally need a cut either once a fortnight or once a week, while in the summer this increases to at least once a week. With busy lives and many responsibilities most people just haven’t got the kind of time required to mow their lawn, that’s when LawnQuest can help with our lawn cutting service in Brimstage and Fairfield.

We have all the equipment needed to provide a professional lawn cutting service in Brimstage and Fairfield. We can schedule weekly visits to cut the grass and generally tend to the upkeep or your lawn.

We also know exactly what height to cut the grass as different heights suit different times of the year and different styles of lawn. If you have moved into a new house with a recently laid lawn, it’s best to wait until the grass is at least 5 cm tall before using our lawn cutting service in Brimstage and Fairfield. The grass should be cut with the blades on the highest setting

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