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Get Yourself a Lush Lovely Lawn with Lawn Treatments in Bowden and Hale.

Lawn Treatments Bowden and Hale by LawnQuestLawnQuest has a great track record when it comes to transforming grass that is in poor condition into a stunningly healthy lawn. We have a comprehensive and inexpensive range of lawn treatments in Bowden and Hale that caters to the needs of your lawn and will also address any problems such as disease and infestations.

We will initially visit your home and evaluate the condition of the grass. With our years of experience, we can very quickly spot any issues that your lawn has or might simply suggest that while it is moss and disease free, it would benefit from a healthy dose of lawn feed to maintain its vigour. As the second part of the process, we will put together a programme of lawn treatments in Bowden and Hale and then talk through our suggestions. Only when we have your agreement will we start the fourth part of the process – application of the treatments.

If necessary, as part of our lawn treatments in Bowden and Hale we will carry out a programme of lawn renovation.

This includes removing thatch and moss by a process called scarification and then over seeding and top dressing the lawn. Once the lawn has good grass coverage, we will then maintain it to ensure it remains weed free. This might involve seasonal visits that usually consist of 5 visits throughout the year.

To find out more about the lawn treatments in Bowden and Hale that LawnQuest provide, give us a ring today on 0800 112 3970. We look forward to hearing from you.

Make Your Grass Greener and Healthier with Lawn Feed

Lawn feed is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lawn and there are different compositions of fertiliser designed to give grass what it needs at different times of the year. LawnQuest will put together a comprehensive lawn feed programme that will give your lawn all the nutrients that it needs. We will ensue that the treatments we apply will rejuvenate the grass if it is looking a bit worse for wear, or simply ensure that if it is already in good health, that this is maintained throughout the year, so you always have a lush lawn to enjoy. When you invest in getting a healthy lawn it naturally prevents the growth of weeds and moss saving you time and money in the long term.

For your peace of mind, the lawn feed we apply is safe around children and pets.

Get the Moss Out and bring the Green Lawn in with Moss Treatments in Bowden and Hale

Do you have a love hate relationship with your garden? You love the lawn but hate the moss. Many people would agree that moss is an unwelcome guest in most gardens. While it thrives in damp conditions, the grass it grows around doesn’t and eventually it gets choked out. That’s why it’s important to have ongoing moss treatments in Bowden and Hale to ensure we don’t just treat moss but prevent it from returning! That’s where LawnQuest has the expertise to provide a comprehensive range of moss treatments in Bowden and Hale. This could include scarification and aeration along with application of a moss killer which usually contains sulphate of iron.

We would say that the best time to apply moss treatments in Bowden and Hale is during the spring and autumn. It is especially important in the autumn as the grass needs to be strong in order to survive the frost that inevitably comes with the winter. With our years of experience treating moss, we can help and advise you on this. Give us a ring on 0800 112 3970.

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