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Lawn Treatments in Bebington tailored to the Needs of Your Lawn!

Lawn Treatments West Kirby by LawnQuestYou could be forgiven for thinking that during the winter there’s not a lot of growth happening in your garden, however you would be mistaken. In the winter there can be growth spurts, so on a dry day your lawn may need the lawn mower on it. With the build-up of leaves on the lawn that have been left over from the Autumn, it’s necessary to remove them otherwise they can suffocate and weaken the grass.

Moving into Mid to late Spring, this is a good time to aerate and scarify the lawn. Doing this is good preparation for the grass to be fed and fertilised with lawn treatments in Bebington in order to help the grass regain its strength and encourage growth.

By the time we reach May the grass is really growing. That’s when Lawn treatments in Bebington including weed treatments should be applied. With approximately 12 different grasses and most lawns containing a mixture of them, it can be difficult to know what lawn treatments in Bebington are best suited to the type of grass you have growing in your lawn. At LawnQuest we can match the right treatments to the type of grass because we are familiar with all the lawn treatments that are available. We will also consider other environmental factors in your garden that will influence what products we use.

Summer Lawn Feed Treatments

During July and August, it is important to aerate your lawn. This can be done by spiking it with an aerator. Why should this be done? Because creating holes in the soil will help your lawn to absorb water better which is particularly essential during the summer. While you might also be tempted to give the grass plenty of lawn feed at this time of year, it’s important to remember that this can cause it to grow too much, too fast, which will mean it needs to be cut more regularly or the grass can wilt.

You might also wonder when the best time is to apply lawn feed. This should be done soon after the lawn has been mowed. This is because it gives the grass more time to absorb the nutrients out of the lawn feed.

While the growing season is starting to slow down by the autumn, it can still be a busy time in the garden. It is the best time to scarify your lawn to reduce the build-up of thatch and to oversow with seed if you have some bare patches

Say Goodbye to the Moss with Moss Treatments in Bebington

Even when you stick to a good routine of caring for your lawn throughout the year, moss and weeds can still appear. However, with effective moss treatments in Bebington that contain some type of iron sulphate the problem can be resolved.

At LawnQuest we provide a comprehensive package of moss treatments in Bebington. Sometimes these treatments might also include adding lime to the soil which makes it less acidic which moss doesn’t like.

It’s particularly vital that we visit during the winter months as this is the time when moss is growing the most and can quickly spread across your lawn as it loves the damp conditions and darker days. To find out more about moss treatments in Bebington ring LawnQuest today on 0800 112 3970.

Buy Back Time for Yourself – Use our Lawn Cutting Service in Bebington

Whatever the time of the year, whether it’s winter or summer, there’s always work to do on your lawn. However, giving your lawn the right time and attention doesn’t have to be a “back breaking” job if you let the professionals do it. LawnQuest has all the right equipment, resources, and products to give your lawn the care it deserves including a lawn cutting service in Bebington.

Every aspect of caring for your lawn involves cutting the grass. However, as it is often the most time consuming it’s the one thing people struggle to do so let us mow your lawn with our lawn cutting service in Bebington. during the busiest times of the year.

The time and effort that we put into looking after your lawn including a lawn cutting service in Bebington will ensure that your lawn is healthy no matter what time of year it is. While the seasons may change your lawn will maintain a lush looking colour.

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