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Lawn Treatments in Barnston Creates a Healthy Lawn and Makes a Happy Garden!

Lawn Treatments Barnston by LawnQuestDid you know that the average British garden has about 10 types of flowers in it. These can be put into three categories – annuals, perennials and biennials in addition to shrubs and trees that flower. With the potential for so many beautiful flowers giving you colour and interest in your garden throughout the year, it’s no wonder that spending time in it can improve your mental wellbeing and the reason why health professionals are encouraging us to spend more time outside.

That said, while you might have beautiful borders full of flowers and shrubs, if the lawn isn’t looking it’s best, this can have a detrimental affect on the appearance of your outside space and can in turn become a stressful problem. However, having a healthy lawn comes at a price both in cost and time. That’s when LawnQuest can help. We provide a range of lawn treatments in Barnston.

While the majority of lawns will require similar treatments, we appreciate that no two lawns are ever exactly the same so we can put together a program of lawn treatments in Barnston that is tailored to the needs of your lawn. This can be influenced by various factors such as the amount of light/shade the grass gets, as well as water and temperature.

Before we start caring for your lawn, we will discuss with you potential lawn treatments in Barnston and only once you are happy with our recommendations will we start the task of applying the treatments throughout the year.

Give Your Grass a Boost with Lawn Feed

An integral part of our lawn treatment program is the lawn feed that we use. We apply only the best quality products available. Ones that are tried and tested and always produce great results. In order to do this, we keep up to date with the latest developments in lawn feed as well as new treatments for specific problems that your lawn may be encountering such as moss, weeds or Chafer Grub. We can help and advise you about these. We always look at each lawn on a case-by-case basis. We are also mindful of using products that are eco-friendly and are not harmful to children and pets.

You can expect us to visit your home at regular intervals throughout the year to apply the various treatments. Due to changing weather conditions during the year, the grass needs different nutrients at different times to ensure it is kept healthy and strong, so we use an appropriate lawn feed based on the elements in the soil and the weather.

We will also carry out any other tasks required to help your grass grow healthy and strong such as scarification and aeration. Our visits are also an opportunity for you to talk to us if you have any concerns about your lawn or have any specific requests. That’s because as a small, family run business we offer our customers a personalised service. We want you to be able to talk to us at any time.

Control and Prevent Moss with a Moss Treatment in Barnston

A common problem for many lawns is moss. It is notorious for spreading quickly and taking hold if not dealt with promptly. So how do you spot the first signs of moss? A good indicator is if you see green or yellow tufts growing amongst the grass. While this can be worrying, don’t panic. It might not need you to do anything and will naturally die off in the summer. Then the only thing you have to resolve is the unsightly bald patches that the moss has left behind. We can overseed these. However, if the moss has encompassed most of your garden, action is needed and a moss treatment in Barnston should be applied at least once. At LawnQuest we can help with this.

We can arrange to visit your home and apply a moss treatment in Barnston at a time convenient to you. The best time to treat moss is during the winter before it starts growing again in the spring. Treating moss during the cool, damp months through winter is the optimum time to stop the moss from spreading and choking out the grass. One application of a moss treatment in Barnston that contains ferrous sulphate or ferrous ammonium sulphate should be enough. We usually combine this with scarifying the lawn first to remove as much of the moss first before applying the moss killer and then following this up a couple of weeks later with scarifying the lawn again to remove the dead moss. It’s important to remember that the products we use attack the moss and do not harm the soil or other plants that are growing near to or next to the lawn.

If you would like advice with regard to how to treat moss, contact LawnQuest on 0800 112 3970.

Regain Your Weekends – use a lawn cutting service in Barnston

Most of us often find that rather than being a time for family and relaxing, Saturday and Sunday are used to catch up on jobs around the house and in the garden so by the time Monday comes around you don’t feel like you have had a rest! Lawnquest can help you to take back your weekends? We will mow your lawn throughout the growing season. We offer a lawn cutting service in Barnston and can visit your home and mow your lawn either weekly or fortnightly.

Mowing your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. It can’t be neglected. However, it also requires an understanding of how grass grows and the correct way it should be cared for. For example, there are restrictions on how short grass should be cut or how long it should grow and it’s important to find a balance as excessive close mowing can weaken the grass which encourages shallow rooting which makes it susceptible to drought, weeds and moss. On the other hand, cutting the grass too high can cause loose, weak grass growth. Don’t worry, as part of our lawn cutting service in Barnston, we have all the latest equipment to cut the grass to the length you require depending on the purpose and look that you want to achieve.

Let us take the stress out of trying to find the time by doing it for you with our lawn cutting service in Barnston

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