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No matter how big or small we will provide Lawn Treatments in Appleton for your Plot of Lawn!

Lawn Treatments Appleton by LawnQuestFor many years LawnQuest has provided a range of lawn treatments in Appleton for both home and business owners. If you have a plot of lawn outside your house, office, or other business premises we will look after it for you. We go where the grass is, offering residential and commercial lawn treatments in Appleton. Included in this are a range of fertilisers which can be applied at key times throughout the year as well as seasonal treatments. The treatment programme that we put together will be tailored to the needs of the grass and designed to strengthen it and improve its health.

Before we make any recommendations, we will carry out an initial visit to your home and assess the health of the lawn. This includes an analysis of the soil type and its condition, the type of grass and its health, and other factors such as the amount of shade across the lawn and amount of use the lawn gets throughout the year. Our findings will then be used as the basis for putting together a bespoke treatment programme which includes lawn feed and moss treatments in Appleton and weed control if necessary.

We will discuss the results of our assessment and recommend lawn treatments in Appleton. This includes a free no obligation quote. Only once we have your agreement will we start to visit your home at regular intervals throughout the year to apply various lawn treatments. We usually apply 4 seasonal treatments including in early and late summer. In the autumn and winter the treatments we give your lawn are to prepare it for the following year so that it will be in peak condition in the spring and summer. The grass never stops growing. Even in the winter while growth slows down, it doesn’t completely stop, so it’s important to care for the lawn all year round.

Ensure Your Lawn is always in Tip Top Condition with Lawn Feed

There are so many types of lawn feed available and combined with a range of different factors that will influence which you choose such as the soil tyre, grass type, soil moisture levels and soil compaction levels, knowing what fertilizer to buy can be a challenge. Add into the equation that some of these factors will vary depending on the time of the year, and it can be almost impossible to decide! That’s why it’s best left to the experts like LawnQuest to make these decisions for you.

Having acquired many years of experience in lawn care we know exactly what lawn feed to use and when to use them. We keep up to date with what new treatments have become available so that we ensure we are only ever using the best products. LawnQuest will choose for you and your lawn the right fertiliser. Not only this but we always apply the treatments safely and effectively to ensure good coverage. The products we use are not harmful to pets, humans or the environment.

Moss Be Gone! See the Results with Moss Treatments in Appleton!

When you imagine moss growing in your garden, you probably visualise coarse, green or yellowy tufts growing between the grass. However, there are several types of moss that grow on lawns and they don’t all look the same. The most common of these is Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus otherwise known as springy turf moss. Regardless of which moss is growing in your garden and the fact that it is a common problem found in most lawns in the UK, it is never welcome. It can be time and labour intensive to get rid of but it’s not impossible, especially when you use lawn care experts like LawnQuest.

Part of the moss treatments in Appleton that we provide includes scarifying the grass to remove as much of the moss as possible and thin out what is left. Because the moss is thinner, it means that the moss killer we next apply will have a greater impact. Like most moss killers the ones we use contain sulphate of iron. The effects of the treatment are clearly visible as you will see the moss turning black 2-3 weeks after the moss treatments in Appleton have been applied. The lawn will then be scarified again to remove the dead moss.

That’s not the end of it. While the moss has been treated and removed, maintaining the health of the lawn to ensure moss doesn’t return is essential so we always combine a moss treatment with lawn treatments that ensure your lawn is kept in good health. Feeding your lawn will encourage vigorous grass growth which will help the grass combat any possible return of moss. At LawnQuest we aim to offer a range of treatment packages that work in harmony with one another.

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